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Qualifications and Credentials


In 1995 I was awarded a Masters degree in Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bradford, one of the most prominent courses of its kind at the time. Former students of this postgraduate interpreting and translating course are employed in international organisations around the world, such as the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Union, to name but a few.


I joined the Institute of Translation and Interpreting as an associate member in 1996 and became a full member (MITI) following an assessment of my work in 2001. Within ITI I am a member of the French Network, London Regional Group and LIFT-Network (Legal, Insurance and Financial Translators).

Chartered Linguist (Translator)

I was one of the first ten translators to be awarded Chartered Linguist status in July 2008.
I am also a member of the Chartered Linguist Appeals Committee, which is convened whenever an appeal is made against a decision under the application process.

A Chartered Linguist is a practising linguist who:

  • exhibits the highest levels of competence, skill and professionalism;
  • is willing to demonstrate commitment to maintain and develop these skills;
  • agrees to periodic review by professional peers.

For more information about the Chartered Linguist scheme see the Chartered Linguist Register.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As a Chartered Linguist I am required provide evidence of CPD undertaken on an annual basis. I believe that regular CPD is vital for improving my professional skills. In recent years I have attended the annual ITI translation workshop, regional group workshops and the ITI conference weekend. However, CPD is not just about attending training courses and workshops, it also encompasses reading in French and watching French television, reading around my specialist areas and also keeping up to date with developments in the organisations I work for. I also spend up to two months a year in France. Similarly, I also ensure that my English language skills are kept up to date by reading a quality newspaper and a wide variety of books and periodicals, in addition to being exposed to the language on a day-to-day basis.

Professional indemnity insurance

I have cover in place with MFL Professional Partnerships under the ITI scheme.

Codes of conduct

I am bound by the ITI Code of professional conduct and the Chartered Linguist Code of Professional Conduct.

Samples of work and References

I can provide samples of my work and references upon request.