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How long will it take to translate my document?

It all depends on the subject-matter and complexity of the document. Initially I will ask you to email me a copy of the document and I will then confirm a delivery date with you once I have had chance to look through the document in detail.

How much will it cost?

My prices are based on the document word count and prices will vary according to the urgency, complexity, formatting and length of your text. If you have an electronic copy of the document I can provide you with a fixed price quotation based on the source text word count. If you only have a paper document or a pdf file I will give you an estimate and base the final price on the target (English) word count. I can quote you a price in both GBP and EUR. There is a minimum charge of £40.00/€50. I charge a supplement for urgent work and/or for weekend and out of hours work. There is also an additional fee for certified translations.

What does the translation process involve?

Once you have sent me your document and we have discussed your requirements, I will do some background research before making a start on the translation. This allows me to get a feel for the subject matter and terminology and to find any references (e.g. existing legislation). I like to be able to communicate with my clients throughout the process so I may email you with queries once I have produced the first draft of the translation, to ensure that I am using the correct terminology. In my experience this two-way approach produces the best results.

How do I send you my document?

I can accept your document by email, by fax, on a CD or as a paper copy. Very large files may be too large for conventional email providers and can be sent by file transfer: please contact me for details.

How will you return the document to me?

Normally I will return your completed translation by email, or via file transfer in the case of large files. However, I can also fax or post the translation to you. If you require guaranteed delivery by post or courier I will make a separate charge for this. In the case of certified translations I can provide you with either a paper copy and/or a pdf file of the document.

How do you safeguard client confidentiality?

I take client confidentiality very seriously indeed as required by my Code of Professional Conduct. Your data and documents are kept secure and confidential throughout the whole process. Paper documents are kept in a locked cabinet and I work on a password-protected computer. I have an off-site data back-up system and also save a copy of the document I am working on a USB key. All paper documents are securely disposed of once the translation is complete.